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About Us

Rahet Bally, Egypt’s leading mommy services and support team, has a thriving community of mamas that we are proud to serve every day.

We realized that our mommies want to be informed, englightened, and entertained; so Moms Mag, our online magazine that is fully dedicated to Egyptian mommies, was born.

Through Moms Mag we aim to bring you the most pertinent research and information in the areas of pregnancy, child birth, and parenting.

We also realized that our mamas are always queens, so we cover your beauty, fashion, entertainment and so much more!

Our mission has always been, and remains, making the lives of Egyptian mamas better and easier. So our team works tirelessly to bring you content that is written solely for you, our beautiful Egyptian mamas.

Our Team

The Rahet Bally content team is a powerhouse ensemble of pen-wielders (keyboard-wielders, actually).

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Dina Hashish

English Editor in Chief
Dina is an orthodontist who turned into a content creator and TV shows scriptwriter. She needs pop culture, memes and mosalsalat more than oxygen

Passant El Refaey

Senior Content Creator
A creative and kind soul, who studied political science with a passion for writing. She’s all about wellness, sustainability and all things eco-friendly. Aka Rahet Bally’s encyclopedia

Nada Khattab

Senior Content Creator
A single mom who turned her teenage diaries into content creation. Aka Rahet Bally’s real life experience writer.

Nada Kabil

Senior Content Creator
A product designer with a love for travel, creativity, and art. Aka Rahet Bally’s research guru.
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